Hanging out in nature

2015, Portugal

A part of a self-initiation, healing ordeals, suspension and nature&sensing research project. Reversing cruelty into a positive life affirmation and an act of a commemoration and collective healing/grieving.

‘In England witches were hanged not burned. In the rest of Europe witches were usually burned but normally they were strangled first.’ (from ‘A Histories of Witch Trials In Europe’)

Combining rope self-suspension in trees, circus and dance features and a research of witchcraft, European witch trials and embodied landscape archaeology, the notion of in-sanity in the time of patriarchy and capitalism, personal and collective grief, the sacred and the profane, softening, breathing and finding new openings within bodies in a liminal suspended space.

In September 2015 my research continued in London, where a group of people lead by a shibari/kinbaku artist Yoroï Nicolas created a lab space in which we researched possibilities of movement, flying, restriction and body landscaping through the medium of muscles, will, space and rope. Thanks to all researchers and co-creators who partook.


hanged womanHO2sidewayband38

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