A process commenced as a workshop in Ponderosa Dance, July 2017, continued in 2020 as an online research peer group with offline IRL research time.

Imagining a home is as political of an act as imagining a nation.’ Rosemary Marangoly George

Donde no puedas amar no te demores.‘ Frida Khalo 

Tereza Silon & Mad Kate  are unique and shared, resonating yet multiple bodies of experience and knowledge. Together with you they will delve into topics and perspectives from their research, performance and lived experiences as they resonate and juxtapose their bodies of knowledge and flesh. They invite you from the physical context of a studio to move into psychic and imaginative  realities, towards a global awareness of the broader net of the living and dying. They are invested in thinking-together with others, their unique positionalities and embodiments.

How can we acknowledge the sentience of bodies – human and inhuman – inclusively? And if everything is animate, alive, are we then thrown into a constant state of grieving? Is it just the rhetoric other (and the model of romantic love) to which we always relate/repel from or are we physically dependent on each other for survival?

Love/Rage – the vital energy desiring a survival for oneself and yet refusing to harm as an act of resistance in a system whose coordinates are based on extractive relating to both visible and hidden forms of structural and direct violence. What is the vital and impeding function of anger and what to do with it?

Privilege and care. What are different possibilities of a more fair distribution of resources (from material and energetic to emotional, intellectual and psychic)? How can we step into a regenerative system of relating within our natural and social ecosystems? How do we care and perform care? And what are we individually willing to sacrifice?

What are the rituals of loving, living, dying, grieving, anger, intimacy and transformation that will support and expand us in the possibilities of co-existing? How does collective grieving / aliveness transform the way we negotiate space, touch, nurturing, energy and compartmentalization? And what can or should we do with personal boundaries, borders and trauma as we share our individual bodies?

Can we occupy synchronous time, neurodivergent maps and multiple narratives and develop a more pronounced and actively articulated social/ecological/somatic empathy as our fluid and ever-changing landscapes of existence?

Join for an exploration of these questions, bodies and the stories they carry, mapping ecosystems, nurturing and challenging as they explore the vital poly-erotics of care.

This lab consists of four days of a facilitated space of a physical, somatic, experiential, performative, psychic, emotional and intellectual exploration and two days of sharing through storytelling, writing, mapping and performance of the material which speak to us individually and collectively as we explore stories which emerge from within and from our broader consciousness.

reimagininghomesecologieslabourlove* ecology


(1) The science concerned with the interactions of all living organisms with each other and with their environment

(2) The system within the environment as it relates to organisms and natural sources in it

(3) A study of the magick of interrelatedness, collective body, sentience/responsivity and energy flows among human and inhuman persons. Relations here, when in a balance, are seen as a unique form of a manifestation of a supra-personal consciousness.