Sensing bodies, parts of ecosystems

▽Ancestral Bodies▽

Central Portugal 2015 (video coming up soon)


– a short extract from the raw footage –

is an artistic collaboration with Rita Joanna Pinheiro Maia, Portuguese luring songstress singing about a personal mother’s wound, a confession of anxieties thus inflicted and of a pull to liberate her life and give permission to others to be free. We joined our forces spontaneously in Portugal and I offered my moving body in hilly landscapes of central Portugal, where Rita comes from, to conduct an act of performing, universal & personal healing and sensing. One woman’s a wild passionate voice resonating in another’s bones and flesh. Mother’s dis-ease released compassionately. A collaboration that produces forgiveness. It started to rain by the end of our video shoot.

▽Bodies of Water▽

2015, Woods around Cerdeira, Portugal (video coming up soon)

Dancing in a river arms

is a research of interconnectedness. We are connected vessels. Choosing to drink from and piss into the same river for three weeks makes the connection between the need for transparency, a need for susceptibility, listening and consciousness and the need to uncover a basic kind of logic that often gets concealed by a developed urban canalisation which filters our expulsions, making us unaware of the fact that our body is not a purely private event, as we share our hormones, minerals as well as leftover expulsed medical drugs into the same canalisations and back through filters into our taps. This is also true for our affects and exchanges of energy in our social, political, energetic and psychic bodies. In which way do we share information with our surroundings, how do we ‘fuck’ with each other’s ghosts? Water is the most important liquid, a carrier of information. Healing is always collective as our ‘selves’ are seldomly private happenings. A body of water. A wild body. Promises of freedom and the occult knowledge. A social body.

‘Pissing in a river, watching it rise.’ Patti Smith

▽Beach Lovers▽

Portugal 2015, Santa Cruz, video performance with Daniel Hernandez

butoh, contact, landscape, clay, poetry…

butoh lover


May 2013, St.Dunstan in the East, London, UK. watch video

There is no space for a wild possession in the city. The rituals are unconscious, mundane. Their movements directed by traffic lights.
Moving through the urban green and the concrete. A fallen church site garden. I taste textures. The spirits and animals that dance my body and for which I dance. Contained-Content-Slowly. I feel them in the fibre of each muscle as it stretches and contracts. I hold my breath, I release my breath, fit it into cracks, tendons and vessels as the energy moves.

Body landscapes

Bodies’ ecosystems. WORKSHOP

2015, Open Air Performance festival, Hradec Králové, The Czech Republic


In this workshop we work with movement, breath and relaxation (making of a space) as well as with words, drawing improvisation and touch – human one but also the contact with the grass, soil, trees and an urban architecture.
We’ll use the conceptual frame of ‘micrososm’ and ‘makrocosm’. We’ll try to viscerally understand their interrelatedness and poetry brought about by the empathy of our own body toward the environment. This helps to build a map of a world empowering the creatives toward a necessary emergence of a personal/universal language and toward a belonging to the world we inhabit, pursuing its openess and ideas.

Our sight creates a gate for approximately 80% of incentives processed by our brain. We have learnt to discriminate between the ‘self’ and the ‘other’, liking and a dislike, creating a strong sense of duality. This duality bings about creative tension as well as quarels and war mentality. However, understanding of not only our ‘selves’ but also the connection and interdependency of different elements of the inner psychology and the outter world and impulses helps us to use this tension in a creative manner and brings about ease and a capacity to create.

”An open system is a system that has external interactions. Such interactions can take the form of information, energy, or material transfers into or out of the system boundary,(…). ” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

▽Oh my deer… Almendres▽

lunaticis an exploration of a sacred site and tourism, of personal mythologies, of a disruptive body in a public space, of humor and sensual qualities of innocence and of a poetic ritualized body. This is a performance as a ritual and magical practice.

The neolithic stone circle in Almendres after spending a night on the site under the blue moon.

In The Sun I disolve

from a self-initiation research cycle

Summer 2014, a research of a lonely month-long living in a caravan in a forest as a rite of passage and the nature’s support through a deep grieving process correcting one’s conduct in and a relationship to ourselves, to others and the world around us and inquiring into personal gifts. I would love to share and facilitate this process of releasing, grieving and interconnectedness with a group, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me.

‘For what else does she at the coming of age become has she forgotten the Name-of-the-Father but a sorceress?’

20140723_121508I run cry roll in brambles bend myself stretch my tendons. Still, I am flexible. I bleed on the soil. Ants eat my thighs. You won’t save me You won’t protect me You won’t stop me…

…from reaching my soul.

The Name-of-Who?

is a durational piece inspired by the benign nature of decay, by its other generous face and learnings of a disintegration of an ego. It was created by a site-specific and time specific event created on a Thames’ tidal beach on the Southbank in London. 14th September 2014, in three hours of a low tide. I walked there with 30 white helium balloons across London from Crouch End and prostrated myself on the beach in front of OXO Tower, waiting for people to engage in conversations, hold my hand, see me discomposed, feel empowered, cut off a balloon, watch the water coming and finally the rising tide roll over me. ‘I’ abandons itself to be freed of its prescriptive nature. The members of audience are invited to reshape this often psychologically violent act into a poetry of liberation by cutting strings of helium balloons off the body with a pair of scissors offered by the artist’s hand. Pleasure of letting go after a dark initiation outside of Father’s kin and the patriarchal order. The expansive future life of unconditioned choices. Round and inflated, all across the sky, following their own path. Death. Overflowing. Containment. River. Tide. A medicine that works on everyone that witnesses and partakes. A collaboration of our forces.

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