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Offering treatments to those who need to restore hope bruised under the weight of our world’s ailments as well as those that simply seek more joy and celebration and feel like something is ”missing”. For all the activists, love warriors and healers, for all the artists and creators, for workers and office marathon runners all alike, for those that need to find a liminal magical space or need to be seen in the dark in order to emerge, for all those that want to have more light and self-love and want to empower their own processes.

I am here to listen and be present with you. Healing should be an autonomous client-centering as well as a relational/ecological process. Autonomous as in within negotiated boundaries.

I believe in equilibrium we are creative, expansive and feel held, nurtured and loving. But sometimes we step out of this and need to be fed and nurtured and witnessed in our vulnerability in order to be able to carry on with our adventures and routines in a state of wellbeing. Your body’s and heart’s intelligence ultimately know what you need when you relax into your own energy and are able to listen to messages of your muscles, organs and your energy body. We can look together at your body-soul-energy alignment.

Some of the tools available are:
– compassionate listening and mirroring back, drawing

– empowering you to vocalize your needs and working within a framework of our mutual possibilities and boundaries

– silent presence & being a witness to your process

– energy work (reiki, energy field cleansing, energizing/calming through breath, touch and the expansion of a natural electro-magnetic field of your body)

– massage, movement and intuitive touch (depending on your body’s constitution and your energy, we can use either gentle or vigorous deep-muscle touch, or a combination)

– blinfold nature walks, surrendering to being lead (sharpens your vitality and instincts and reconnects)

– sharing knowledge of body-safe non-toxic home remedies and herbal medicine which may support your process

– planning a personalized ritual for you

– physical holding/cradling

– humming, mouth moxa

Minimal time needed for this space is 90 minutes. For more information and booking send me an email to pleasuremapping(at)gmail.com



You will feel instantly comfortable in the presence of this generous, intelligent and spiritually evolved being. My session with Tereza brought warmth to my heart- and feelings of love and security. Tereza holds a supportive, patient space ready for any emotion or expression that could rise to the surface. Endless thank yous for taking me on the journey!’ Alexandra, Berlin

‘At the end of another exhausting day building the wood-fired kiln, I was feeling positively dead, with no energy whatsoever, feeling like if someone just punched me in all the muscles. It was actually hard to walk and stand on my own feet, I wasn’t sleeping much in the last days and working really hard. I dragged myself down to the kitchen to see if I could eat something before crashing.Tereza was in the kitchen, looked at me and acknowledged my state, offerig a hand. I didn’t know her that well but I didn’t need to. Since day one I felt these intriguing sympathy towards her so I just sat on a chair, offering no resistance to that massage. I felt I could trust her but I could never anticipate what was going to happen next. The moment she started touching my shoulders I’ve immediately felt her power. Several currents of nervous vibrations ran up from my back to my neck and to the top of my head. For a moment, I started feeling even worse and almost seasick, sweating like if I was in a sauna… so I needed to lean my head on my knees preventing my fainting. Tereza kept doing her thing, slowly understanding my body’s response by smoothing her gestures or asking me if she could continue pressing but she never stopped touching me. Slowly, I started feeling better, as my body cooled down and I was no longer feeling dizzy. I‘ve lifted my head and shoulders back to the original position… I felt like if someone had lifted all my muscles behind because I was feeling the flow of cool and fresh energy all over my body, specially on the top and back of my head. Couldn’t stop laughing and thinking how was that possible. To feel so tired and down and in a few minutes pass to a totally different state, both physically and mentally energized and relaxed. People who saw me before asked me what happened since they couldn’t believe how different I was since they saw me a few minutes ago. Maybe I wouldn’t believe as well if only I wasn’t the person that got from exhaustion to bursting with an energy. Terezinha, it was like a little miracle.’ Ricardo, Lousa, PortugalSacred_Hearts1

Disclaimer: This is a therapy/space that is not aiming to cure serious ailments and medical conditions, it aims to assist you in taking care of your energy and protecting your body from even getting to a state of an un-welness or a dis-ease, although I am happy to provide a complementary sitting if you are already undergoing a therapy of a kind with the focus on your soul’s restful space after a discussion and if suitable. This space aims at building mutual trust, ease and a sense of empowerment. I don’t ‘give’ you energy, I help you to find your own sources and tap them. The potential of energy is omnipresent.

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